Assisted Living

Can I bring my own medications?

In order to maintain control over administration and availability of medications, we work with a local pharmacy to fill all prescriptions as ordered by the physician. Deliveries are received on a daily basis and the pharmacy will submit a claim to your insurance on your behalf and then bill you directly for any co-pays or deductibles that may apply. Our administrators will gladly discuss any extenuating circumstances that may exist.

Do you charge any admission or application fees?

No. Unlike most assisted living facilities we do not charge any application, admission or move in fees! Only the first month room & board will be asked for upfront and is prorated from the day you are admitted on your first bill. We offer one affordable monthly fee that includes all room & board (see "Room & Board" FAQ), nursing care, meals, housekeeping, activites, and cable.

What services are included in the monthly fee?

The monthly fee includes:
- spacious room with bathroom
- medication management & administration
- nutritional monitoring and review by a registered dietitian
- bedside call system and emergency call in bathroom and other locations in building
- Nurse oversight, assessment and care
- Personal Caregiver assistance and supervision with activities of daily living as needed
- 3 meals and snacks each day
- Access to all public areas of facility including library, living rooms, dining room, screened porch, courtyard, whirlpool baths and showers
- Planned daily activities
- Cable television connection in the room

What is required for admission?

A simple history and physical performed by a physician and a tuberculosis (TB) screening, both completed within 30 days of admission, is a regulatory requirment. The physician will also need to supply us with prescriptions for all medications that need to be administered during your stay. We can provide the physician with the forms necesary. Other admission paperwork can be given to you in advance for your review and completion, such as the admission agreement and other documentation.

Excel Therapy

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we accept most commercial insurance and Medicare.

How often do I come to therapy?

Most patients attend therapy 2-3 weeks, but the frequency will depend on your goals and will be individualized to your specific needs.

What can I expect on the first visit?

You will be evaluated on the first visit. We will assess your pain, range of motion, strength, soft tissue limitations, and functional deficits. Based on these measurements a strategy for the proper course of action to reach your specific goals will be developed.

MontVue Nursing Home

Can I take my loved one out to church or lunch periodically?

Yes. You can take your loved one out under skilled care (when receiving rehab therapy under Medicare Part A) only for the day, but only after completion of any scheduled therapy in order to maximize the efficiency and speed of recovery. Due to Medicare regulations an overnight leave is not permitted, again in order to maximize the speed of recovery. If your loved one is currently staying at MontVue under Medicaid, they are allowed to leave as well and may have limited stays overnight (18 nights per year) outside of MontVue without loosing their eligibility.

Does Medicare pay for my stay when I have finished rehab?

No. If additional stay is necessary you will be responsible for payment of any days not covered under Medicare. Check to see if you have private insurance coverage for days stayed beyond the Medicare days allowed. If so, this will help alleviate some of the cost to you. Another possibility for coverage would be Medicaid. Normally when Skilled Care is needed evaluations are completed both by the social workers at the hospital and at MontVue to determine if eilgibility may exist for coverage under Medicaid.

Can I schedule a special group visit?

Special visits and events are always welcome! Janet Lawson our Activity Coordinator schedules special events and performances. You may contact her at 743-4571, Monday through Friday 8:30-4:30. Thank you from all the staff and residents at MontVue!

When I admit my loved one, do I have to sign a contract to keep her in against her will?

No. When your loved one is ready to go home from rehab, we will make all the arrangements. Normally, through treatment planning, a 5 day notice is given to the family and staff so that any necessary arrangements can be made for her safe return home.